Memphis heat causes dry mouth

Living here in Memphis I find myself getting a bad case of dry mouth in the summers. I learned a lot about this condition from my student doctor at the Memphis Dental School.

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, may initially seem like a relatively inconsequential condition. Further study of the syndrome, however, shows that the clinical ramifications can be quite serious. The study of biochemistry is of particular importance to the investigation of the effects of xerostomia, as it is a sign of a major physiological change.

With xerostomia, the serous component of saliva is depleted. This results in a decrease of secretory IgA – an immunoglobulin that helps to protect the teeth against microorganisms by forming a pellicle. This depletion further causes a drop in pH in the oral cavity, which results in a more acidic environment, which is favorable for cariogenic bacteria.

Often, very aggressive root caries is seen in individuals with xerostomia. This is a result of high levels of cariogenic bacteria along with gingival recession. This leads to exposed cementum, which is approximately fifteen per cent less mineralized than enamel. This makes cementum more vulnerable to caries. Gingival recession occurs due to the excessive dryness of the mouth. Root caries can be very detrimental; as it progresses, there will usually be a loss of attachment between cementum and the periodontal ligament.

The application of biochemistry to this condition allows one to better understand why xerostomia can be so harmful. Factors like immunoglobulin concentration, cariogenic microorganisms, pH, and degree of mineralization have been studied and found to play major roles in the damage caused by the syndrome.

Beat the Memphis rays with new sunglasses.

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However for everyday people like you and me, designer sunglasses can be found in many places. For example, they can be found online, malls, and at your local eye doctor. Personally, I went to my optometrist here in Memphis. My doctor helped fit the glasses to my face and made sure my vision was comfortable.


Lets talk about surfing!

Surfing is a great way to exercise. I like by the beach in California the best place to surf in the world. First you need to find a good spot. Laguna Beach is probably the best. Then, you need to rent the equipment. You will obviously need a board. The easiest way to learn is to watch some videos on youtube and/ or hire someone to show you. I recommend hiring someone. Look through Yelp for some good teachers. Be sure to check out the reviews too. The best time to be out is when the sun is shining and the waves are moderate. slather on the sunscreen and strap on your foot connector. Maybe even bring a whistle for emergencies.